Tree Services - Pruning

At Pleasant Trees, our expert arborists offer a range of tree maintenance services to ensure the healthy life of you, your property and of course – your trees. Tree pruning is one of our essential tree services that prolongs the healthy life of a tree. Understanding the anatomical and physiological functions of a tree is necessary when deciding how a tree should be pruned. When done properly every cut is made with thoughtful consideration.

We love pruning trees and think of the practice as not only a science but also an art. We like to think of your trees as our canvas. There’s nothing more satisfying than looking up into a beautifully well pruned tree and knowing that we’ve optimized the tree’s ability to grow and thrive with good structure and function.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection system installation is sometimes necessary to protect vulnerable, high value trees in the landscape. Lightning protection systems consist of an installed copper cable that runs from the very top of the tree and all the way down to the base of the tree where is buried underground and run out to a large rod that is hammered deeply into the soil.

When lightning strikes the tree, the powerful charge runs down the copper line and out into the yard and through the rod where it dissipates into the soil. Thereby protecting the tree from what can often blow the tree apart and lead to damage from falling debris and the ultimate decline of the tree after its vascular system has been supercharged by the powerful lightning strike.

Cable & Bracing

Cabling and bracing is the installation of supplemental support systems within the tree to hold the tree together. These systems are necessary when the tree’s structure has become weakened or there may be some other factors leading to the potential failure of a tree part or even the entire tree.

We know when tree supplemental support systems are necessary and will recommend them when your trees can use a little extra support.

Trees are an important part of our world. They offer a wide range of benefits to the environment and provide tremendous beauty.

However, trees may be dangerous. Trees or parts of trees may fall can cause injury to people or damage property. It is important to assess trees for risk.

Tree Risk Assessment is a standardized, systematic process for assessing tree risk and providing information to tree owners and risk managers when making decisions that will promote the safety of people and property and enhance tree benefits, health, and longevity.

tree removal

Unfortunately sometimes trees have to be removed.

Dead or dying trees are most often the reason why trees must be removed.

Hazardous trees often must be removed. When a tree’s structural integrity has become compromised it can pose a threat to your home and your family and it will be deemed hazardous. If the risk the hazardous tree poses can not be mitigated by any other means then the tree must be removed.

Other times trees may become too large for their growing environment or may be interfering with structures and/or utilities on the property.

Pleasant Trees, LLC can safely remove any tree without causing any collateral damage to the surrounding landscape.